Abijit Ganguly

Abijit Ganguly is a Bengali boy, born in Bangalore, raised in Delhi, amidst the deeply-influencing Punjabi culture, dating a Gujarati girl who lives in UP. Basically, he`s Mr. India. Not as in capable of turning invisible or anything... But you know what we mean. He is popularly referred to the best looking Bengali man after Bappi Lahiri. Tired of his ever-deteriorating life, Abijit thought of getting up on stage and declaring that life doesn't have its share of ups and downs, but downs and further downs, after which you realize that the previous down was a friggin' Up. He's popular for his anecdotes on Marriageable Age, Alchoholism, Racism, Superheroes, Beggars, dating a Gujarati Girl, Weight Issues, Traffic and Contemporary Issues. On special request, he does a lot of sex comedy (which is kind of ironical).