Utsav Chakraborty

Stand-up comic, soothsayer and ectoplasmatic life form Utsav Chakraborty is a figment of his own imagination.Amongst his many avatars are runaway parody hit @satanbhagat, his current love handle @Shockraborty and the second coming: PANIS

His live performances are like tuning into a cosmic radio that broadcasts the many voices in his head interspersed by static. He has been sighted on stage across all major Indian cities at a variety of events with the biggest names in stand-up. He is also reported to be on the TV show Comedy Central's Challenge Accepted but that may just be his doppelganger. Though no adverse events have been reported thus far, caution is advised.

He also writes in interludes of sanity and has written for everything from MTV to Huffington Post to packs of energy drinks.

Amongst the few things he feels strongly for are dogs, balloons and the current government.