Best in Stand-Up with Sumit Anand, Abhishek Upmanyu and Amit Sharma  in Canvas Laugh Club at The People & Co.

Media Night with Nitin Gupta,Navin Noronha,Ruben Kaduskar ,Masoom

Stand-up Hinglish / Hindi
  • Tue 25 Apr 8:30 pm



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    Media Night

Media Night

Experience the best and funniest comedians, at the most hilarious stand up show in the country; its Best In Stand-Up at Canvas Laugh Club, the one & only Comedy Venue in the country. We literally search the country for the best talent and create the perfect lineup week after week. Stand-up comedy is a genre, where comics come on stage and interact with you, the audience, with the sole purpose to make you LOL!

MC - Nitin Gupta