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Abhishek Upmanyu entered the Delhi comedy circuit in December 2013, and since then has been performing regularly at various kitty parties and birthday's of kids with low IQ. Known for his super fast, extremely quick, faster than light delivery style, he does hours of material in minutes. He aspires to create his own 1 hours special, but it would just take 2 minutes of your time.


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anonymous 2018-06-14

I love this man THE real stand-up comedian. GREAT WORK BROTHER.

anonymous 2018-06-14

one of the best.

anonymous 2018-06-14

you should do some shows in United States.

anonymous 2018-06-16

This guy is hilarious

anonymous 2018-06-18

Hilarious dude!

anonymous 2018-06-21

best comedian ever

anonymous 2018-06-25

he is the best.

anonymous 2018-07-02

I just love the way he does his shows. . . Superb!!!

anonymous 2018-07-02

call him noida... please

anonymous 2018-07-05

i so njoy listening to him.... it comes so natural to him.... Please continue the way you do

anonymous 2018-08-01

I love the way you do stand-up comedy style.

anonymous 2018-08-07

Best hai bhai

anonymous 2018-08-15